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Monday, November 14, 2011

Notepad Rant Contest: Win 1 oz. of Silver!

From The Silver Underground:

You’ve seen them popping up EVERYWHERE, and you’ve read every word. The captivating nature and prime time attention is making notepad rants the viral way to get your opinion across on the Occupy-filled airwaves. Today is the day you can take a swing at this silent protest tactic. Some of our bloggers here at Silver Underground already have!

So take notes (not word for word though!) from our blogger, Wes Messamore of, and snab a pen and give a notepad rant your best shot. Would it motivate you more to say that the best notepad rant will win 1 oz. of Rebel silver from us? That’s right starting today we’ll be accepting notepad rant submissions until the end of this month. Deadline is November 30th at 12:00 am. A few musts when concocting your personal message for the world:
  • Please keep it under a page, it’s awkward to hold more than one page up and defeats the purpose of the short and sweet messages.
  • Please revolve your rant around the Federal Reserve. That’s what we’re here for at Silver Underground, to keep these banksters in check. So make sure to air your grievances with the Fed and the Fed only…we don’t want to know about how your ex-girlfriend no longer wants to be with you because you live in a tent on Wall St.
  • Take a picture of yourself holding it. You don’t have to show your face.
Please send all submissions to:

The photo at the top of this post is the example notepad rant I did for The Silver Underground to promote this contest.

Too bad they didn't accept this one:

Wes Messamore,
Editor in Chief, THL
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