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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Rick Perry Gaffe: Can't remember his own plan

I'm not sure what was more embarrassing about the Rick Perry gaffe at this week's CNBC Republican Presidential debate, not being able to remember the third department that he said should be cut from the federal government, or actually turning to Ron Paul for help (knowing that Ron Paul would be the guy to talk to about the nuts and bolts of cutting federal spending, and probably nice enough to help him).

Ron quipped that that there should be five agencies cut from the federal government, a key part of Ron Paul's plan to reduce the federal budget by $1 trillion in his first year as president and balance the budget by year three of a Paul Administration. Watch:

At RonPaul2012, Jack Hunter jests that Rick Perry tried to hire Ron Paul as his budget adviser:

"There has been much said this election about how the Republican presidential candidates are all talking like Ron Paul. Well, last night, in the midst of yet another Ron Paul impression, Rick Perry couldn’t even talk. To make matters worse, Perry looked to Paul to bail him out."

And the Rick Perry gaffe isn't just funny. It's potentially fatal to Perry's campaign. reports that a top Perry fundraiser has said the Perry campaign is over. Oops.

And boy did they come out with the "Rick Perry gaffe" version of one of my favorite YouTube memes awfully fast:

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