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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Ron Paul Disqualified from Pinhead Bill O'Reilly Straw Poll for Winning It; Tells O'Reilly in Interview "I Don't Like Demagogues"

This is priceless. Just listen to it. Ron Paul was disqualified from the Bill O'Reilly straw poll yesterday because his supporters "slammed" it (i.e. because he won it so handily):

Then in his interview with O'Reilly, Ron Paul unflinchingly tells him that he doesn't like demagogues. LOL. Ron Paul. Tells Bill O'Reilly. That he doesn't like demagogues. What I'd give to see the expression on O'Reilly's face when Ron Paul said the D word. Paul was answering the question in terms of his opponents for the GOP nomination, but who really fits the term better than Bill O'Reilly?

I also like that Ron Paul rejects O'Reilly's characterization of him as a contrarian, and insists that it is the establishment leaders whose actions are contrarian and contrary to the principles of America's Founding Fathers:

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