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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Russian Spy Anna Chapman Videos and Information Released by FBI

Anna Chapman- the Russian spy who was apprehended along with a ring of 11 other spies in New York last year for passing on information about the United States via electronic means. Among them, Anna Chapman, a 28-year-old Russian divorcee with a masters in economics and as the New York Post reports: "a Victoria's Secret body."

(No kidding-- I'm a libertarian and last summer I never found communism more appealing.)

Well Anna Chapman's a hot topic all over again here in the United States today after the FBI released information related to her arrest and video of Anna Chapman under surveillance at a New York coffee shop where she meets with someone who she thinks is her Russian handler, but who's really a spy for the FBI-- cool huh?

Actually, it's really not. You can watch it below. I promise you, it's pretty boring. I warned you:

For those of you who are interested: more details at MSNBC and ABC. As for me, I'm going to follow Lew Rockwell's lead last summer and suggest that the timing of this most recent FBI revelation has less to do with responding to a Freedom of Information request and more to do with stoking hostilities against Russia for vocally opposing and criticizing Washington's latest exercise in global imperialism via Libya.

Wes Messamore,
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