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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Sharing this again: Please help me make "100 Reasons to End the Fed" go viral!

I worked very hard on this list and it makes a powerful case against the Fed. It will delight die-hard Fed critics and it will shock and inform those who aren't awake to the dangers of central banking. My list of 100 Libertarian Objections (with Libertarian Answers) is another major work I published this week, but it's a work in progress that I will refine and improve over time, a libertarian resource that will remain on this blog for years to come. What I'd really like to see go viral right now is this list of 100 Reasons to End the Fed.

Please share it on your Facebook walls, tweet it, email it to people you know, upvote it on Reddit, and do anything you can to make it go viral!

Wes Messamore,
Editor in Chief, THL
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