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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Super Committee Failed Because Neither Side Is Willing To Give Up Washington's Empire

As the so-called super committee announced its inability to come up with a plan for deficit reduction by its Nov 23rd deadline, the sheer magnitude of dysfunction on Capitol Hill was perhaps best summarized by New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who said:

“Both sides of the aisle, both ends of Pennsylvania Avenue – they cannot even come up with something that would not have even solved the problem.”

That’s a key point to remember, that the 12-member super committee was simply tasked with finding $1.2 trillion to cut out of the federal budget over the next ten years. $1.2 trillion in cuts might not even balance the budget next year alone. With that in mind, Mayor Bloomberg’s criticism– which so aptly and pithily captures the absurdity of the deficit debacle that it could just as easily have been a Jon Stewart line– rings absolutely true. Congress cannot even come up with something that would not have even solved the problem. Can there be any wonder that its approval ratings remain so low?

And of course, no sooner had the public heard about the super committee’s failure than the partisan finger pointing began. Here’s the narrative you’ll hear throughout the mainstream media. It’s a narrative held entirely captive by the broader partisan meta-narrative that never fails to stifle progress and narrow the range of political thought within the safe confines of false dichotomies and hopelessly unimaginative, in-the-box excuses for actual problem-solving. It goes like this:

Wes Messamore,
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