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Monday, November 21, 2011

Ten More Movies with Libertarian Themes

Last week for Movie Monday, I published a list of Ten Libertarian Movies. On that post, on Silver Circle's Facebook page (which you should “like” if you haven’t!), and here at THL, I got multiple comments with suggestions for other movies that should have been on the list. To include some of your suggestions while dispelling the notion that last week’s list was some how a “Top Ten” list (it was not! –I wrote “Here are the first ten that came to my mind…”), here are ten more movies with libertarian themes:

1. Braveheart

Questions of the film’s historical accuracy notwithstanding, Braveheart is an exemplary libertarian movie. What makes it decidedly so is that this is a movie which depicts war and the occasional necessity of a truly defensive war without glorifying war itself. It takes great pains to do the opposite, as Mel Gibson does with several of his other movies. Braveheart follows a plot Gibson also employs in The Patriot and Apocalypto: the protagonist begins by opposing the war and wanting to stay out of it, preferring to live a quiet life of productivity with his family, but when the protagonist finds the war on his doorstep threatening the ones he loves, he has no other choice but to reluctantly become a hero and fight to defend the lives and liberty of the people he loves.

Read the rest at The Silver Underground.

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