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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Total Libertarian Badass: Grover Norquist

Grover Norquist is just too badass for words. Watch the interview below and note how commanding his physical and verbal presence is, how confident he is as he looks right into the interviewer's eyes (soul?), and how well he speaks. Absolutely no "uhs," "uhms," "likes," or "ya knows." His words are extremely concise and totally on message. He doesn't give in to the interviewer's loaded questions, but he isn't shaken by them either.

Pay super close attention to the exchange that happens around 4:15. THIS is how a libertarian answers loaded questions about the welfare state. This is how a libertarian speaks truth to power, doesn't back down from his beliefs, and doesn't lend any credence to the welfare statists' claim to moral ascendancy.

Interviewer: "Do you feel the government has any obligation to the poor, the elderly, or the unemployed?"

Grover Norquist: [Without blinking, without shifting in his chair, without looking away, without skipping a beat...] "Yeah, it should stop stepping on them, kicking them, and making their lives more difficult."

Don't let them ever forget the government is the bad guy. It is. And they can't deny it or wiggle around the overwhelming record that proves it. Watch:

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