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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Wednesday's National Emergency Alert Test Was a Total Failure: America Failed It

“Yesterday’s National Emergency Alert exercise was a test alright, but the feds weren’t testing their system. They were testing the public. The public failed."

Yesterday’s unprecedented federal test of the National Emergency Alert system was a total failure according to a report by ABC News. Here are a just a few of the things that went wrong:

‘Today, at 2 p.m. ET the Department of Homeland Security and the Federal Communications Commission held its first nationwide test of the Emergency Alert System.

While many viewers and listeners experienced the test without a hitch, as soon as 2 p.m. ET hit there were reports of problems in cities across the country. Some people never saw an alert, others said the audio was distorted and there were even claims that Lady Gaga’s song “Paparazzi” was playing instead of the correct audio.

On KABC-TV in Los Angeles, a screen flashed with the EAS graphic for several minutes, but there was no audio or information given. Shortly after the EAS alert failed, KABC ran the alert in full with the audio.

The alert was supposed to run for about 30 seconds. However, for many stations it lasted much longer.

In Washington, D.C., WJLA-TV was stuck on the EAS slate for four minutes and WMAL-FM had dead air for nearly two minutes before the test finally ran. Once the test started, the audio was garbled.’

As a libertarian without the faintest bit of confidence in the ability of the bloated regime in Washington to do anything right, I am thoroughly unsurprised by this news and I absolutely relish listening to the mainstream media establishment admitting to the incompetence of a government that they want to manage every aspect of our lives from cradle to grave, feed us, clothe us, and then make the rest of the world as “lucky” as we are to have Washington looking out for us.

But something far more important and far more ominous went wrong yesterday. It doesn’t have anything to do with garbled transmissions or other technical difficulties. What went wrong was the lack of public outcry.

Read the rest of my article at The Silver Underground.

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