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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Weekend Open Thread - The Holiday Season Discussion Edition

I'm busy this weekend preparing for this coming week, which I'm hoping will be one of the best ever for this website. If I get a few other things done first, I might get around to commenting on Gary Johnson's potential third party bid, trouble in Pakistan, the lack of black Americans in the Occupy movement, and the second "ClimateGate" leak. Feel free to comment on these issues or others yourselves in the comments below.

Also feel free to share what you did for Thanksgiving and what you're excited about doing for Christmas! I had enough pie and cheesecake after dinner to give myself a headache while eating with the family of some old friends of mine. They also dug up a tape of us playing at a birthday party as children. While watching, I made a very specific remark about something in the tape, and then 12 year old me in the tape made that very same remark. Everybody bust out laughing. I was kind of freaked out by it. I guess some things never change.

Every year I always love shopping for Christmas presents for my family. I usually have my (non-Christmas-related!) music album that happens to be my particular musical obsession for that month blasting in the car as I drive from store to store. Ever after, I'll associate that album with that Christmas season, like Train of Thought by Dream Theater, which I associate strongly with one particular Christmas season (and a way too awesome New Years Eve Party). As much as I love the sights, sounds, and smells of Christmas shopping, this year I'm tempted to experiment by seeing if I can get 100% of my shopping done online.

I've thoroughly adopted my dad's philosophy of gift-giving, which is to find a gift that the recipient will be surprised by, would never buy for themselves, but will absolutely love. Wish lists be damned. The utility of the gift shouldn't come from price, glitz, or glamor, but from some aspect of the gift that is personal and meaningful. Last Christmas, knowing that I was about to embark on a year of travel, my brother and sister got me this laundry hamper that collapses down super small for easy packing. At the time I thought it was pretty random. Now, I'm glad my clothes haven't been all over the floor in ten different cities on three different continents! Smart siblings (with possible help from a smart dad).

Anyway, I'll stop blabbing and give you a chance to share your holiday-related memories, musings, and plans. Just another option for anybody who's interested-- I'm thinking about doing Christmas Vacation with Ron Paul (don't worry, the dates are all after December 25th) in New Hampshire or Iowa and you should too!

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