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Thursday, November 3, 2011

What I fear is true about Occupy Wall Street

On a recent post, reader AZJVJ writes:

"Loud", "blocking traffic", "defacing ATM's", "pounding on doors"...


Whatever happened to the rights of the other people being harrassed in traffic, having their ATM's defaced, having their peace disturbed by the noise, conceivably having their legitimate business and other activities disrupted through no fault of their own...? So far, we've been able to track down and document exactly ONE freedom-loving individual among the unsurprisingly amorphous MOB?

I wonder how many of them could truly be even remotely in tune with our earnest attempts to RATIONALLY limit government, enhance our individual rights and propmote our free market economy in general. We may all be pursuing change; but I'm failing to be convinced so far that, overall, they may have anything constructive or positive to contribute to our own efforts.

As always, thank you for the opportunity to write my thoughts. Stay free and rational.

Edit: Of course not all of the crowd, not even a majority of it is behaving this way, and I've heard eyewitness accounts from people I know and trust of Occupy crowds shouting down and criticizing those among them who act violently or destructively. But I don't recall anything like this amount of destructive behavior from the Tea Party protests, and that second part about wondering how many of these people would support a program to limit government... that part really has me worried that the Occupy protesters may not change anything for the better. Maybe we can change some of their minds?

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