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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Who's Serving You?

Drew Martin, my Economics Editor at The RevoluTimes, is a boss! Libertarians read and relish! Non-libertarians, read and reconsider your views. This is the difference between the marketplace and the state:

"While it’s often argued by many that the State must help to provide for the needs of the people; what is not discussed is what the people actually want. While visiting family in Atlanta recently, it occurred to me that most Americans simply do not recognize the differences between the nature of the State and the nature of the market.

When it came time to eat lunch we stopped in a small restaurant in Atlantic Station. As we found our seats, the server cordially gave us menus, asked what we’d like to drink and said to simply let him know if we had any questions. Though the cuisine and atmosphere was very impressive, after a brief look at the menu we decided the prices were too expensive.

As the waiter returned to the table, we thanked him for his service but told him we weren’t looking to spend that much money and had decided to find lunch elsewhere. With a smile he politely thanked us for coming in and wished us a nice rest of the day. There were no guns, no threats of arrest, and no men with badges forcing us to give up our money.

While most encounter this at least once a day, rarely do Americans take the time to appreciate what’s actually taking place."

Read the rest at The RevoluTimes.

Wes Messamore,
Editor in Chief, THL
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