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Thursday, December 15, 2011

$1 Trillion: House GOP Reveals Massive Spending Bill, Tea Party Bristles

HuffPo reports:

WASHINGTON — Bipartisan agreement is near on a massive $1 trillion-plus year-end spending package and should be reached in time avert a possible government shutdown this weekend, lawmakers said Thursday.

House Republicans were displaying renewed flexibility on a provision restricting travel to Cuba, but Democrats conceded defeat on a GOP demand to ban the District of Columbia's government from funding abortions.

The optimism came hours after Republicans said they planned to push the 1,200-plus-page legislation through the House with only GOP votes, which seemed like a bluff considering tea party opposition to the measure. Overnight, Republicans unveiled details of the bill, which curbs agency budgets but drops most policy provisions sought by GOP conservatives.


The underlying bill has bipartisan backing but could encounter turbulence with conservative tea party lawmakers seeking far more significant cuts to government agencies.

Much of the GOP is all too willing to add a trillion dollars to what you and your children owe. Ron Paul has a detailed and specific budget plan that will cut a trillion dollars from what you owe in his first year as president and balance the budget by Year 3 of a Paul Administration. Like low taxes, less spending, and smaller government? Vote for Ron Paul.

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