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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Donald Trump to Host GOP Debate Later This Month: Ron Paul Campaign Scoffs

Yes you read that right. Donald Trump will be moderating a GOP debate on Dec 27th. If it wasn't already, the GOP primary has now become a full-fledged circus. There were a few more adjectives I had in mind for modifying the word "circus" (one of which rhymes with "trucking"), but they are unfit for print so use your imagination.

How on earth Donald Trump is qualified for this is beyond me-- other than his ability to generate a large audience and sell advertising. If you didn't realize it already, hopefully now you can't miss the fact that our media is using our political process-- something that affects our very livelihoods-- as a form of entertainment to generate profits.

I cannot articulately express the level of indignation, the maddening, uncontrollable anger I feel rising up from the pit of my stomach, tightening my chest, tensing my arms and fingers, sweeping over my vision and making everything look red. Our country is under attack right now and the enemy has no name. It isn't some organized conspiracy-- that we could fight.

It's a nameless, diffuse quality of our culture and mindset that allows a Donald Trump to presume to moderate a debate between a Ron Paul and a Mitt Romney for the nomination of the Republican Party. It's a quiet apathy that has allowed the DHS to police us like we're terrorists, that has allowed the governing class to sell us out to the banking cartel, that has allowed Gary Johnson's campaign to wither in obscurity despite his remarkable record as Governor.

I'm glad Ron Paul has decided to sit out this stupid farce of a debate. Jon Huntsman has too. If the remaining presidential candidates have any dignity whatsoever, they'll follow suit.

Wes Messamore,
Editor in Chief, THL
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