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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Liberal Media Racist Smear Against Ron Paul Rears Its Ugly Head Again (Video)

Ron Paul supporters should brace themselves for a lot more of this (m). Ron Paul is obviously not a racist and doesn't condone racism and would not implement racist policies as president... so the entire racist newsletter affair is simply a smear and a distraction from the substantive issues that matter to the American people and that Ron Paul has been on the right side of for his entire career, leading to his steady growth and success this election cycle. That said, Ron Paul handled this very well until the end when he got frustrated and walked out on the CNN interview (though it's hard not to see why he's getting sick of this):

Here's what Ron Paul said in answer to this question on CNN in 2008 when the media suddenly and unexpectedly blitzed him with this issue on the day of the New Hampshire primary, despite never bringing it up before during the campaign season, suggesting just "a little" bit of strategic electioneering on the part of the media:

Keep your eye out for my full answer to this smear here at The Humble Libertarian shortly.

UPDATE: Alex Alvarez puts it perfectly:

Tell me, CNN. Is all this because he’s gained traction in Iowa? Is he just the latest Notmitt Notromney to have captured the media’s attention and, as such, its subsequent ire? Put more plainly: Why cover this now? And why so much? You’re not looking at a decades-old story from a different angle, you’re not revealing new information, you’re merely reheating the same embarrassing, racist meal (just…. go with it) you keep serving us every few years. This is becoming, at this point, the McRib of Embarrassing Political Stories. Why?

Because they have to talk about Ron Paul since he's leading in Iowa, and if they don't talk about this, they'll have to talk about the issues that matter to Americans, and Ron Paul will win on the issues that matter to Americans.

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