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Monday, December 5, 2011

Libertarian #MovieMonday - The Hunger Games

“Wesley, you have to read this book! It makes me hate the government so much!!” -my roommate

I’m weird. Like really weird. My tastes and interests seem to lack any measure of coherence at times. Here I am blogging almost daily about the evils of central banking and inflationary monetary policy, something that many of my friends consider pretty heavy reading, and then I go and shock them with my absolute love for books and movies like Twilight– which it shouldn’t surprise you to learn that many of my friends consider pretty shallow reading. I disagree with them.

But it’s my bizarre range of interests that make my current living arrangement absolutely ideal. I live in Colorado with my best friend (who I’ve known since fourth grade) and his wife who has also been my best friend for the better part of a decade now. Today is actually their “year-and-a-half” anniversary, as the cat chewing on roses in the dining room while I write this can happily attest.

Bear with me… I’m getting to The Hunger Games…

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