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Monday, December 19, 2011

Mitt Romney Says HE WOULD NOT Repeal The Individual Mandate in ObamaCare! [Video]

According to the Washington Examiner:

Mitt Romney talks a big game about repealing Obamacare on the campaign trail these days. But in the wake of the law's passage, he had a more modest goal: "repeal the bad and keep the good."

That's a line that Romney himself used at a 2010 appearance that has now resurfaced. In the video, which Ben Domenech has more on and I've posted below, Romney makes many of the same arguments that would be familiar to those following the GOP primary. He says that his Massachusetts plan was different because it was at the state level and argues that his plan didn't raise taxes (I've rebutted those arguments before). But he also does something you'll never hear him do these days --note the similarities between the two laws.

In the video, Romney says "we have an incentive for people to become insured."  In case you were wondering, that's a euphemism for the individual mandate, which provides an "incentive" by forcing individuals to purchase insurance under the threat of a fine. He also reminds the audience that like Obama's law, his legislation forced insurers to cover people with preexisting conditions and created an exchange for individuals to purchase insurance.

At the end of the clip, Romney concludes: "So, some similarities, some differences. And I hope we'll be able to eliminate some of the differences. Repeal the bad and keep the good."

It's worth putting this video in context. In the wake of the passage of the national health care law, a number of prominent Republicans were coming out in favor of only partial repeal and Romney was part of that crowd. This video is not an isolated incident.

When Romney's political action committee launched its "Prescription for Repeal" campaign immediately after the health care law passed, it promised "to support conservative candidates who will repeal the worst aspects of Obamacare" (emphasis mine). The original version of the press release no longer exists on Romney's website since it was converted to his presidential campaign site, but at the time, Kathryn Jean Lopez posted it at NRO's Corner, so you can still read it there.

The video:

I guess maybe Fox News didn't slip up, and Barack Obama really is Mitt Romney's best friend.

And you know how Romney's argument is that RomneyCare worked for his state, but that he doesn't support ObamaCare trying to force it to work in every other state? Obama just shrewdly undermined Romney's entire argument:

In a major surprise on the politically charged new health care law, the Obama administration said Friday that it would not define a single uniform set of “essential health benefits” that must be provided by insurers for tens of millions of Americans. Instead, it will allow each state to specify the benefits within broad categories.

If he had little credibility to defeat Obama in the general election before, Mitt Romney has absolutely none now. And if he does defeat Obama, don't expect him to be any different.

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