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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Pledge $100 to Ron Paul 2012 With Me: Who's In?

Just posted this to Facebook earlier today:

I will pledge $100 at RonPaul2012 today for the Tea Party money bomb if I can get 9 of you to do it with me. It's easy to choose inaction because you don't think your one donation will make a difference. Any of you who were honestly on the fence or not planning to give this time around, if you promise me you'll pledge $100 w/ me today, our ten pledges will amount to $1000. That can buy a lot of mailers for Iowa voters.

That goes for you guys too. I already have two friends from Facebook who have gone in with me, so we only need seven more. I'll keep updating the count in edits to this post and will announce when we get to the goal of ten. Any THL readers want to join us and help us "mini bomb" the money bomb?

It's one of the top three things you can do to help Ron Paul win the Republican Party's nomination in 2012. Just shoot me an email at wemessamore -at- gmail and let me know if you're in!

EDIT: 6:23pm Eastern - One more. The second I hit publish on this post, I got a Facebook notification that my friend and THL reader (and frequent sarcastic commenter :P) Heath will be joining us for the Humble Libertarian mini bomb pledge. We're going to raise $1000 together to contribute to Ron Paul's Tea Party money bomb this Friday! Four $100 pledges so far.

Now we only need six more!

EDIT: 12:52am Eastern 12/15/11 - Four more! As the comments below can attest, we got Chris, Eve, and Eric in on this, plus I got an email from Marshall saying he's in too! Now we have a total of eight $100 pledges for a total of $800 pledged for Ron Paul's Tea Party '11 money bomb this Friday! All we need is two more! Spread the news around if you have to and let's get two more people to commit to donating $100! As soon as we hit the goal of 10 $100 pledges, we'll all go pledge on the website and then drop our mini-money bomb this Friday!

EDIT: 5:28pm Eastern 12/15/11 -Thanks to Robert and Ray (who's already made his pledge on the money bomb page), we have a total of ten people willing to drop $100 on Ron Paul's Tea Party money bomb this Friday (tomorrow)!!! Awesome. Now the ten of us need to go and pledge here and/or here as soon as possible and then follow through with a $100 donation at (and ONLY no other website) tomorrow! Great work everybody! We've pooled a thousand dollars together in 24 hours toward more ads and mailers in Iowa and New Hampshire. That makes a huge difference! I'm so proud of you all.

Wes Messamore,
Editor in Chief, THL
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