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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Surveillance Video: PA Police Officer Tasers 14 Year Old Girl in the Crotch

No you didn't read that wrong. These kinds of incidents are the reason why more and more people in America are starting to agree that the police are OUT OF CONTROL.

Allentown City Surveillance cameras capture Allentown police officer ramming a 14 year-old student against a parked car. After that he backs away and pulls out his taser. Although the minor puts up her hands in surrender, he zaps her in the groin, and she goes down in agony. She had to be hospitalized so the barbs could be removed from her. Date is 9/29/11.

Lehigh Valley's Morning Call reports:

The mother of a 14-year-old Dieruff High School student has filed a federal lawsuit claiming an Allentown police officer used excessive force when he shot her daughter in the groin with a stun gun during class dismissal in September.

Victoria Geist says her daughter, Keshana Wilson, had her arms raised high to indicate she surrendered when officer Jason Ammary pointed a Taser at her on Sept. 29 outside the high school and fired, according to the lawsuit filed Wednesday in U.S. District Court by attorney Richard J. Orloski.

The suit claims Ammary fired the Taser directly at the teen's groin and he then filed retaliatory charges against the girl to justify using the Taser. The city is also named as a defendant for failure to control a rogue officer, says the suit, which seeks an unspecified amount of money.

According to the suit, use of the Taser came after the officer grabbed Wilson from behind without identifying himself and "violently" pushed her into the side of a parked vehicle. He placed his right forearm against her throat, choking her, the suit claims.

Orloski says the city's surveillance cameras captured the incident and back up his client's claims.

This is absolutely horrifying. I'm so disgusted I'll stop typing now.

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