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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Top Three Things YOU CAN DO To Make Sure Ron Paul Wins The Republican Nomination

First let me share a few things that are a waste of your time. Things you absolutely should not do in place of the three things you're about to read below:

Sign waving events are a waste of time. Any kind of canvassing effort is a waste of time, and that includes standing on the side of the road waving signs at every single car that drives by. It's totally inefficient. If you are sign waving, you are expending scarce and valuable effort and time reaching a lot of people who aren't going to help us win.

Which group of people sounds like a better audience to target with your scarce time and effort: registered Republican voters who voted in the last two primaries in your state, or everyone who happens to drive by a certain random street corner during a random three hour period on a random day?

Complaining to the media with angry emails for not covering Ron Paul enough is a waste of time right now. Do it if you'd like, but only do it if you're also doing one of the three items you should do below. Again, media coverage is not targeted. It goes out to everyone.

You shouldn't be randomly canvassing yourself as explained above, so don't complain when the media doesn't canvass for you. Canvassing isn't how we win; targeting the right people is. Instead of writing the media emails, pick up the phone and call voters in Iowa or New Hampshire-- whoops, I'm starting to give away one of the three things!

Arguing with people on Facebook is another waste of your time. If you spend an hour a week arguing with your friends and coworkers on Facebook and no time on the phone politely engaging with key early state primary voters, you are wasting your time and you are not helping Ron Paul win. Which do you want to win? A Facebook debate or the election?

Okay that's enough of that. You get the idea. Any action that isn't targeted, that doesn't measurably improve Ron Paul's chances of winning by targeting and reaching out to the people we need to reach out to is a waste of time. Here are the three things you can do. Pick at least one. We can not come this close to winning and fail. We will regret it for the rest of our lives. This is an historical event and the future of our entire world is at stake.

Now is the time for action!

1. Donate at

As of this writing we have two days until the December 16th, Tea Party '11 money bomb. I cannot more highly recommend pledging here and/or here and then donating your pledge amount this Friday on December 16th.

Maxed out? Reach voters via donations to RevPac.

2. Promote the Tea Party money bomb

Share this and/or this page around your social networks with people you know support Ron Paul. Encourage them to pledge and donate. Remind people on Friday.


Do this:

Wes Messamore,
Editor in Chief, THL
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