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Friday, December 23, 2011

Who's Extreme?

By: Carl Wicklander

After the Republican-led House of Representatives buckled and extended the payroll tax cut and unemployment benefit extension some hope the GOP is losing its “extremism.”

Some, like the Washington Post’s Eugene Robinson believe that after the House agreed to the Senate’s bipartisan agreement:

“Republicans let us glimpse the rift between establishment pragmatists and Tea Party ideologues. There may be hope for the republic after all.”

The vote, of course, settles nothing, it is merely a two-month extension. A tax cut and a welfare check. The best for both of Washington’s parties. We’ll be back shortly for another round of Washington kabuki theatre where the two parties will pretend to find a solution for the economy and the looming entitlement crisis. For Robinson, the issue is appearing “sensible” and getting things done.

Likewise, another Post columnist, Jennifer Rubin, was also ruminating on the radicalism that is overtaking the Republican Party...

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