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Monday, January 9, 2012

Alice in WhiteHouseLand: The White House “Covered Up” an Alice in Wonderland-themed Halloween Party in 2009

It was October of 2009 near the end of President Obama’s first year in the White House. The Tea Party was at its zenith, raging across America in full swing in opposition to Washington’s Wall Street bailouts, the trillion dollar stimulus package from earlier that year, Obama’s health care plan, a lagging economy, and a 10-percent unemployment rate. The previous month, one million Tea Party activists swarmed Washington DC to make their voices heard (yes, one million, probably more!). Obama was under close scrutiny and facing strong criticism (some of it warranted, some of it maybe a little far-fetched) for every liberty he took, from his ritzy Valentine’s Day vacation with Michelle Obama, to his occasional indulgence of a cigarette, to his golf game. So of course, we all remember the fallout over Obama’s lavish, star-studded, Alice in Wonderland-themed Halloween party that October, right? No? That’s because the White House was awfully shy about publicizing the details of Obama’s Halloween “tea party” with Johnny Depp and Tim Burton while facing the rage of America’s grassroots Tea Party protests and the suffering of Americans struggling for jobs in a lagging economy.

According to a new book by by New York Times correspondent Jodi Kantor, the White House was nervous about a backlash against the movie-themed Halloween party and kept publicity of the event very tightly controlled...

at The Silver Underground.

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