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Monday, January 9, 2012

Discuss: Who Should Ron Paul's VP Pick Be?

I know, I know-- that's getting a little ahead of ourselves, but I had hardly hit "Publish" on Grant Davies' excellent open letter to Ron Paul, in which he suggests in a post script that Ron pick Rand for VP, when a reader commented to agree with this statement from Grant's letter:

PS --- Pick your son Rand as your VP. Do it soon. People want continuity when they sign on to a vision. They have their antenna up for what they perceive as cynical choices for geographic electoral advantage. You are 76, they want to know that they will still be free if you cannot continue. So pick Rand. It's bold and it will work. (He's going to be President someday anyway, might as well get him started now.)

Thoughts? Rand Paul for VP, yes or no? Any other good picks for a Ron Paul 2012 ticket?

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