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Monday, January 30, 2012

Is Newt Done?

On the eve of the Florida primary, all signs seem to be pointing to Mitt Romney.

If Romney wins big it will be a huge boost of momentum. It will be a big pelt to nail on the wall while adding fuel to the narrative of both Romney’s inevitability and electability.

Yet one cannot help but notice that a Romney candidacy is still disdained by much of the party.

And despite what a Florida victory would mean for Romney, Gingrich shows every sign that he is willing to remain in the race for the long haul. Appearing Sunday morning on ABC, Gingrich said he expects the race to “go all the way to the convention.” Gingrich appears to think that even if Romney wins Florida, that he has the opportunity to fight Romney in a war of attrition with all the proportionally-awarded delegates.

Read the rest at The RevoluTimes.

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