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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Jon Huntsman Exits The Race and Endorses... MITT ROMNEY??? The "Status Quo President?" Huntsman's words, not mine! (Okay, mine too)

Jon Huntsman is quitting the 2012 GOP primary, The New York Times reports, and get this: he's endorsing Mitt Romney.

Flashback: less than two freaking weeks ago, Jon Huntsman called Mitt Romney a "status quo president" and said that America cannot afford a Romney presidency:

Jon Huntsman branded Mitt Romney as the choice of the party establishment in an appeal to independent-minded New Hampshire voters Wednesday.

"You're going to have a choice this election cycle. The establishment is going to tee up Mitt Romney and they’re going to say there’s your guy," Huntsman said at a town hall meeting at Manchester's public service utility. "But you know what? This nation can’t afford a status quo president."

What... A... Hypocrite. These politicians can't even hold a position for one straight month without turning 180 degrees?? I warned you about Huntsman. A few libertarians were flirting with the idea of Huntsman, but I warned you last week that "Jon Hunstman would be a disaster as president."

Need any more proof? I could smell "establishment sell out" on this guy a mile away (just like I could on Herman Cain). First he says America cannot afford a president like Romney (and he was absolutely right the first time, btw), now he's dropping out of the race to endorse Romney. Just goes to show you Huntsman is a status quo candidate. Flip flop, change positions, say whatever's expedient... that's the status quo.

There is one candidate in the Republican Primary, however, who has spent an entire career proving that he is nothing like status quo politicians.. but he won't be getting Huntsman's endorsement. Well good riddance.

One of THL's readers and a friend of mine tipped me off to the Huntsman story and even made this "scumbag meme" photo to make fun of Jon Huntsman's blatant hypocrisy:

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