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Friday, January 27, 2012

Liberty Pulse: Out to Get Ron Paul – CBS Blowback, FCC Complaints, and Jan Crawford’s Facebook Shutdown

Kurt Wallace reports at Liberty Pulse:

Recently media types who blatantly attack Ron Paul have received spontaneous reactions from his supporters in what is being termed as Blowback Slammed. Bill O’Reilly knows this well, during his show he discussed the attacks  on his new book Killing Lincoln where he received over 900 one star Amazon reviews after excluding Ron Paul from his Presidential forum debate poll. Paul supporters shut down Bill O’Reilly’s Facebook page and the same has just happened to Jan Crawford of CBS. You can now go to her Facebook page but posting privileges for the  ‘everyone’ can post portion is no longer available after hundreds of posts were made condemning her for lack of integrity in reporting.

Saturday January 7th 2012, we exposed a story about CBS reporter Jan Crawford completely dismissing Ron Paul from her New Hampshire 2012 Campaign News Report and the reaction after. This Paul supporter blowback story went viral and many sites picked up the article including two financial news sites IBT and TheDailyCrux. An interesting layer to this ongoing story  is the financial websites helping to expose CBS media bias against a free market Austrian economist, champion of limited government and Presidential candidate serious about cutting government spending back to 2006 levels.

Paul supporters are also fighting back by filing FCC complaints against Jan Crawford and CBS.

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