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Friday, January 13, 2012

Ron Paul Ad: Who's Looking Out For You?

I just created this ad today. Will you please help me share it ahead of the South Carolina primary to inform voters that Wall Street is paying for Mitt Romney's ads while our brave soldiers are paying for Ron Paul's? It should be obvious which of the two is looking out for you:

Text of the ad with links to sources:

According to the FEC, Mitt Romney's top three contributors are: Goldman Sachs, Credit Suisse Group, and Morgan Stanley --who were also among Barack Obama's biggest donors in 2008. It's no wonder that Mitt Romney supports big bailouts for Wall Street banks, just like Barack Obama. When he worked for his own big bank, Bain Capital, Romney secured $10 million of the taxpayer's money in a public sector bailout, and calls that "private sector experience."

The only other Republican candidate to place in the top three in both Iowa and New Hampshire this year is Congressman Ron Paul. His top three contributors? The US Army, The US Air Force, and the US Navy. Who do you trust to support America's best interests, keep it safe, and uphold its constitution? The candidate who served his country, and who receives more donations from our brave men and women in uniform than any other? Or the candidate who looted his country's treasury for profit, and whose ads are being paid for by Wall Street banks? It's time to elect an American like you. Not another Wall Street candidate.

More info: Romney is actually admitting that his work at Bain was no different than Barack Obama's bailout of the auto industry! Does he realize what he's saying? And here is some more information about the Wall Street / Washington "revolving door."

Wes Messamore,
Editor in Chief, THL
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