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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Ron Paul Highlights From The 1/23/2012 NBC Presidential Debate in Florida

In his first answers at Monday night's debate Ron Paul seems a little flustered and disorganized. It looks to me like he's been coached to hit certain talking points and he's disjointedly covering them and mentally ticking them off the list in his head. Just doesn't have the Romney-like ability to smoothly insert talking points. Ron Paul can only comfortably speak from the heart.

As much as I desperately wish Paul would say certain things during these debates and feel like his typical focus is more likely to energize his already-existing base than grow it with new supporters, maybe the best thing the campaign can do is just let the doctor loose to say whatever he is on his mind and heart, because that is when he is most articulate, passionate, and inspiring.

At 6:20, Ron Paul correctly accuses one of his opponents of being the real isolationist. Awesome :) Then he goes into one of the best defenses of his foreign policy that I think I have ever heard, using examples from history to back up his claims:

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