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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Ron Paul Secures Coveted Endorsement From South Carolina State Senator Tom Davis

Here's a message from Dr. Ron Paul:

In only his first term, Senator Tom Davis has become a respected Tea Party leader and the most outspoken advocate for limited government, fiscal responsibility, and conservative principles in the South Carolina state legislature.

At a rally that just wrapped a little while ago in Myrtle Beach, SC, Senator Davis announced he is endorsing me for the Republican nomination!

Senator Davis has been one of the most sought-after endorsements in this South Carolina primary race.

Matter of fact, one of my establishment opponents, Rick Santorum, recently told The Hilton Head Island Packet that, “To get an endorsement from someone like Tom Davis is a big deal.  It would speak volumes to folks and make them take notice and give us a look.”

After closely evaluating the records of each candidate, Senator Davis has decided to support my campaign because he knows I’m the only candidate serious about reining in spending, shrinking government, and returning prosperity to America – and that I’ve got the consistent conservative history to back up my word.

I’m proud to have the support of such a well-respected leader, and I look forward to working with Tom Davis and other principled legislators to return our country to its core beliefs of limited government, individual freedom, sound money, and personal responsibility.

And I hope I’ll have your support as our campaign undertakes one final push in South Carolina this week.

If you haven’t yet done so, please make your most generous contribution to our South Carolina Money Bomb right away.

And if you’ve already donated, I hope you’ll pitch in one more time this weekend.

You see, like Senator Davis, voters all across South Carolina are joining my campaign once they hear about my record and discover my plans to reinstall a love for freedom in the White House.

Senator Davis’ endorsement already has people talking – and taking another look at my campaign.

My staff and I have a proven Get-Out-the-Vote strategy to reach these voters through hard-hitting ads, issue-based emails, and personal phone calls in this final week before the South Carolina Republican primary.

But how widespread and effective our outreach will be depends on your continued support at this most critical time.

After our incredible top-tier finish in Iowa and our strong second-place showing in New Hampshire, I’m looking forward to another historic result this weekend.

Picking up the endorsement of the most outspoken advocate for fiscal responsibility and conservative principles in the South Carolina state legislature is only the latest addition to our campaign’s momentum.

But I need your help to capitalize on this great news!

So please, if you haven’t yet contributed to our South Carolina Money Bomb, I hope you’ll do so right away.

And if you’ve already given, please consider chipping in one more time!

None of our campaign’s success in this race would be possible without you. So thank you for all of your hard work to help me win the Republican nomination and Restore America Now!

For Liberty,
Ron Paul

Wes Messamore,
Editor in Chief, THL
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