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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Advertise at The Humble Libertarian at a Special Discounted Rate This February!

As this libertarian website continues to grow, I'm going to kick off this new year with an advertising discount for new advertisers and a chance to win some free advertising as well! Want to drive more traffic to your website? Promote a book you've published? Improve your search engine optimization?

Put your ad here on The Humble Libertarian, a highly-visited, well-ranked libertarian political website and blog with a high-quality audience of engaged and intelligent readers! Starting now through the end of February, I'm going to be offering all my ad placements at 25% off for the first four weeks for all new advertisers.

Here are the placements:


This is the king of ad placements at! The ad is at the very top of the page above the rest of the posts and blended into the same post summary format so it doesn't intrude on the user's aesthetic experience of the website. It normally runs for $15/week, but now through the end of February, new advertisers can place their ad here at 25% off for just $11.25/week for the first four weeks! Email me now to place your ad. There's only one of these, so reserve it before someone else does!


Ads on the left-hand sidebar start at $10/week for the top placement and go down in one dollar increments for each descending ad placement. So the second place ad is $9/week, the third place ad is $8/week, and so on and so forth. As of this posting, only the top two ad placements on the left sidebar are reserved as first and second place. If you would like a third place ad for $8/week (at a 25% discount of $6/week if you're a new advertiser), your ad will bump down the three ads you currently see there starting with the TOP 100 LIBERTARIAN WEBSITES ad.

At the discount of 25%, any of these placements is a great deal now through the end of February! Help give to a great cause while driving traffic to your web page. Email me now to place your ad.


I will now be offering ads as posts in the normal stream of content here at The Humble Libertarian. They will be designated as "sponsored posts" so readers know that I'm being paid to post them and they will be published as actual posts to this blog, meaning readers will be likely to take a special look at them and a link to them will be emailed out to my over 800 subscribers in my daily email update of all the content posted to this blog.

Additionally, the post will stay up forever. Advertisers will pay a one-time fee and get an advertisement with a graphic, text, and link back to their web page all in the form of a regular blog post that will never be deleted from this website, meaning the possibility of residual traffic and a permanent increase in your website's search engine optimization from the incoming link. I'll be starting these ads at $10 apiece, but I'm offering them at the 25% discount of $7.50 to all advertisers (you don't need to be a new advertiser to get the discount on these new ads) until the end of February. Email me now to place your ad.


I'll be entering any new advertisers that I get here at The Humble Libertarian during the month of February into a drawing for free advertising. At the end of the month I'll put all new advertisers into a hat and draw one lucky winner of four free additional weeks of advertising for whatever placement they purchased!

You don't want to miss out on that opportunity! Email me now to place your ad or to ask any questions.

UPDATE (4:15pm on 2/14/12): I've already just replied to my first inquiry about advertising here with the new discount and the chance to win some free advertising. Hurry up and contact me before all the placements fill up!

Wes Messamore,
Editor in Chief, THL
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