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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Awesome Business Idea!

Late last night, in the uninhibited and ecstatic throes of inebriation, a vision came to me that was so compelling I had to write it down in dry erase marker on my bathroom mirror so I wouldn't forget it by morning. That is what you see pictured above: a written reminder that I had a brain child last night-- Afghanuggies, an afghan with sleeves like a Snuggie.

I'd buy that. I'd buy one for myself and I'd buy one for my dad. I also bet hipsters would love it. I don't know why, but I just feel like they would. This morning my roommate suggested a follow-up product after the success of Afghanuggies: Quiltuggies, a patchwork quilt like something grandma would make-- except it has sleeves. After Afghanuggies go mainstream, the hipsters will need another product that hasn't caught on yet, something new to like before it becomes fashionable. Quiltuggies could be that product.

Why am I sharing this? Because I believe that every single one of you reading this right now has at least five solid business ideas floating around in your subconsciousness that would make you a millionaire if you pursued them tenaciously and intelligently. If you hate your job (or worse, can reasonably tolerate your job even though it isn't your dream job), do something about it! If you wish your income level were higher, don't just sit around waiting for the rainbow's end to cast its gold your way.

It's not going to happen.

I want to see libertarians living out their philosophy to the fullest. We believe that human beings excel at production because we can amass surplus value and invest it in assets that multiply our productive abilities. Instead of being short-sighted like our monkey predecessors, we can take a much longer view and pursue complex goals and dreams that will yield us abundant future payoffs that dwarf our accumulations of wealth.

We like to see the government interfere as little in this process as possible because we believe that reality and human nature already provide the proper incentives for human beings to behave this way. Let's be more deliberate about behaving this way ourselves in addition to fighting for our right to behave this way and the theoretical basis for that right.

Let's be the asset-holders of the future. Let's be capitalists in our personal finances just as we are in our theoretical economics, politics, and meta-ethics. What's a business idea you've had that could make you a millionaire? Feel free to share it in the comment thread below, no matter how silly it may sound. Snuggies might have sounded silly, but someone is a millionaire right now because of them. Also don't worry that someone might steal your awesome idea. Most people don't even have the courage and energy to pursue their own ideas that personally inspire and captivate them. You think those people will go out of their way to steal and pursue your idea?

Then again, by sharing it here and getting other commenters' thoughts, you might just get excited enough about it to do something about it. Ideas don't have consequences; actions do. Take one small action and share your million dollar idea here. Then get excited enough to do something about it. I want you to be a millionaire. Then you can donate to keep The Humble Libertarian running forever :-P

Wes Messamore,
Editor in Chief, THL
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