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Monday, February 27, 2012

AWESOME Ron Paul Talking Points --Things All Conservative Christians Should Know About Republican Presidential Candidate Ron Paul

With Super Tuesday and some of its Southern States coming up a week from now, it's more important than ever for Ron Paul supporters to be able to defend his views, especially his foreign policy, as most representative of what true conservatives, including evangelical conservatives, really want. The problem is that we are sometimes our own worst enemy-- including Ron Paul himself-- when it comes to articulating these views.

My friend Barry Donegan, a Republican in Nashville who supports Ron Paul, recently shared this list of talking points he put together for Ron Paul supporters to remember when explaining to voters-- especially conservative and Christian voters-- just how important it is that they vote for Ron Paul in 2012's Republican Primary. The truth is, we owe it to them to make sure they know this information. Donegan says that in his experience, when conservative, Southern voters learn the following things about Ron Paul, they become very open to his candidacy.

Notice also, how Donegan shows just how vast our common ground is by starting with the problems America faces and then explaining how Ron Paul's record and platform will most effectively solve these problems. I've spent a lot of time on this blog explaining why the alternative candidates are just no good, but we also need to focus on explaining why Ron Paul is a very good choice for truly conservative Republicans.

Thanks, Barry:

Ron Paul 2012 Talking Points
Things all Conservative Christian
voters in America should know:

“...libertarian principles are the conscience of the Republican Party. They are consistent with conservative beliefs... I'm very comfortable having give-and-take with libertarians. But I'm not comfortable having a debate and compromising with people who think we need to spend more and grow the government. There's no room for so-called moderates and liberals when the nation is 15 or 16 trillion dollars in debt.”
- Senator Jim DeMint (R-SC)

America's Most Pressing Issues:
  • Unsustainable debt threatens to crash our economy in unprecedented ways
  • Obama's unclear foreign policy is putting our nation's safety at risk
  • Inflation in gas, food, and clothing prices is hurting the poor
  • Obama's pressure on Israel to concede interferes with Israel's sovereignty and defense plans
  • Government regulations are making regulatory compliance so expensive businesses can't create jobs
  • The Obama Depression has driven almost an entire generation of young people with advanced college degrees into unemployment, and there is no end in sight to our jobs crisis

Conservative Credentials

Ron Paul:
  • Voted against every unbalanced budget, every raise to the debt ceiling, every time, no exceptions
  • Has never voted for a tax increase
  • Has an A+ rating with Gun Owners of America
  • Delivered 4000 babies, sponsored a bill to define life as beginning at conception, is pro life
  • Supported the Defense of Marriage Act
  • Warned that excessive spending and the Community Reinvestment Act would lead to a housing bubble, 7 years in advance
  • Faithfully married 55 years to his wife Carol, 5 children (raised US Senator Rand Paul), 18 grandchildren
  • Refuses to participate in the lucrative federal pension plan for Congressmen, finding it a waste
  • Has a plan to cut 1 trillion dollars in the first year, balanced budget by Year 3, cuts to EPA and 5 departments

National Defense Highlights
  • Believes our military deserves a clear mission which involves defeating our enemies rather than building their schools and training them to attack us next time. Supports a win-and-come-home policy like we used during WW2. Nation building rules of engagement tie our troops hands and put them at risk of attack by anyone at any time.
  • Suggested using the tool of Marque and Reprisal to target Bin Ladin immediately after 911. Voted YES in favor of authority to go into Afghanistan and target the depraved individuals who attacked us.
  • Criticized Obama for dictating that Israel return to pre-1967 borders
  • Supports the right of Israel to make its own decision about whether or not to target Iran's nuclear facilities, which Obama opposes: In 1981, Israel, facing a similar threat to what is going on in Iran today, decided to take action and bomb Iraq's Osirak nuclear facility. After this happened, the US Congress voted to criticize Israel for defending herself and quickly solving this problem. Ron Paul was alone in voting against this, arguing that Israel should have the right to defend herself, and that it is wrong for us to criticize Israel for doing so. The Obama Administration has urged Israel not to strike and take out similar facilities in Iran on their own, even though they have sufficient military power to pull off the attack with ease. One wonders if Israel might not have already taken out the nuclear facilities by now if Obama wasn't interfering.
  • Israel's security is harmed when America's leaders claim Iran could destroy them, because Israel has a significantly more powerful military and could wipe Iran off the map quite easily. Mossad chief Tamir Pardo was quoted as saying, “What is the significance of the term existential threat? Does Iran pose a threat to Israel? Absolutely. But if one said a nuclear bomb in Iranian hands was an existential threat, that would mean that we would have to close up shop and go home. That’s not the situation. The term existential threat is used too freely.”
  • “It's true. If we spread ourselves too thin around the world, we're not going to be able to defend the homeland, particularly with the level of debt we have right now. You know, our Joint Chief of Staff for our military has said our biggest national security problem is our debt. So, it's foolish for us to think that we can have military bases all over the world, spend billions of dollars, when we're going broke back home. It just isn't going to happen. So, the best way to defend our country is to move towards a balanced budget, concentrate our defense capabilities back here at home, and make sure we can defend our interests around the world.” -arch-conservative Senator Jim DeMint (R-SC) on Ron Paul's foreign policy

Wes Messamore,
Editor in Chief, THL
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