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Monday, February 13, 2012

CPAC Updates Forthcoming

Pictured above: Wesley Messamore posing inside the U.S. Capitol Building while Congress was in session, trying to act tough and completely unfazed by the palpable feeling of hopelessness and corruption choking the air all around him.

Well I'm back home after an exhausting but very rewarding trip to Washington DC to promote Silver Circle at our booth at CPAC. As regular readers of this website know, I blog extensively on Silver Circle's official blog to help promote their upcoming film, a thriller romance set in a dystopian future where the economy has collapsed. I'll be leaving again this week to promote the film at a comic convention in Orlando, so I do apologize if posting has been and continues to be a little sparse. It's only temporary.

I think I need to get some more hands helping me with Humble Libertarian as this website grows. (Are you seeing the subscriber count on the right continue to blow up?? Awesome.)

Anyway, coming up very soon (like tomorrow), will be several really cool photos, videos, and stories from CPAC in one epic CPAC update post. You won't want to miss this. Things you'll learn: just how cool Ron Paul's congressional office staff are, just how lame Occupy protesters are, and just how hypocritical DEA bureaucrats are-- among other things.

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