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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

How can this guy NOT support Ron Paul???

Ok please read this entire post by a frustrated Erick Erickson at yesterday and tell me how it's possible for him to understand what he clearly understands, to say what he's saying in this post, and yet not endorse Ron Paul for the Republican Party's nomination? He clearly sees that neither Newt Gingrich, nor Mitt Romney have a chance against Obama in a general election. Everything he's saying in this post sounds like an overture to a Ron Paul endorsement. Am I out of my mind, or can you see what I'm seeing here?

I'm sitting here hesitating on how to complete this blog post because I'm so tempted to quote bits from the Erickson piece, but I'm just not going to let myself do it and give you any excuse not to go read the entire thing. Do it. Just see for yourself. By the second to last paragraph my heart was racing and my mind was screaming: "Is this happening? Am I about to read a Ron Paul endorsement in the final paragraph!?" It's like a post written with all the substantive reasons why a Republican politico bent on victory in November might endorse Ron Paul, but without the actual endorsement. Someone tell Erick the solution is blindingly obvious. Endorse Ron Paul!

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