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Friday, February 24, 2012

Is Ron Paul the Billy Beane of Politics?

This Sunday marks the Oscars. The critical and mainstream darling, "Moneyball" may go home empty handed this year, but also may have the most lasting effect out of any movie released in 2011.

The film follows manager Billy Beane and the 2002 Oakland Athletics baseball team - how they ignored conventional wisdom to make purely objective player valuations - causing them to match the New York Yankees total wins for the year with approximately 1/3 the salary costs.

They dismissed accepted baseball wisdom. That the most effective baseball players look a certain way. Swing a certain way. They argued the true value of a bunt, a steal and a walk.

They argued that baseball was a numbers game. And that virtually no one was playing it right.

Do you see where I'm going with this? Is Ron Paul the Billy Beane of political thought?

Because he is traveling around the country evangelizing an entirely different political game. He claims a smarter way. He argues for both the moral and effectual justifications for liberty. He not only ignores conventional wisdom, he stomps on it.

And these aren't Ron Paul's ideas, just as "Moneyball" wasn't Billy Beane's concept. Bill James was preaching this in the 70s to deaf ears, just as Barry Goldwater ran (and lost) on a similar political message 50 years ago.

So, I'm curious where we are in this timeline? Because, the truth will outring what is loud. In the end, we will win. Just as Moneyball is slowly winning more and more over.

Not that it has achieved anywhere near mainstream acceptance within those in baseball. In fact, there are those who still flat out reject it. But, the teams who have even partially embraced the concept are the very ones winning more games/$ today.

Brad Pitt may have helped tip Moneyball. So, when will Ron Paul tip liberty?

Ron Paul stars in 1983 Congressional Baseball Game

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