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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Rebel of the Week: Silver Circle’s own Davi Barker and his friend Theresa

While this may be a little incestuous, as Davi Barker is one of my own colleagues, another blogger here at The Silver Underground, I just have to take the lead on Rebel of the Week for this week and award it to Davi and his friend Theresa for how they handled the TSA during their recent trip through an airport security checkpoint. Davi doesn’t know I’m doing this and will be surprised when he reads this on the blog. I just had to after reading his account of what happened in his Monday blog post entitled, “TSA Today: Davi’s First Opt Out.”

As I read it I couldn’t help but nod vigorously and even vocally exclaim my enthusiastic approval for what they did– but more importantly how they did it. If you haven’t read Davi’s story, you absolutely should! Davi’s friend Theresa opted out of the body scanner and for the pat down. As Davi explains, the purpose of this is to hold up the line, inconvenience the TSA, and make a cumbersome process even more cumbersome. Maybe if enough of us did it, plenty more Americans would grow frustrated with their extended wait times and take action against the TSA like calling their congressman. Then when Davi opted out, he did something awesome...

at The Silver Underground.

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