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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

41 year old man drowns in UK-Because government regulations forbid rescuers from assisting

These stories are too staggering to believe. But they're more examples of how incompetent the State and its apparatus is; and how little value you possess in their eyes. Imagine a private company allowing something like this to happen and actually staying in business? Unthinkable. When will we stop relying on those we have no means of holding accountable?

Attempting to retrieve something that had blown into the water, 41-year old Simon Burgess slipped and fell into a 3 1/2 foot-deep pond. He then suffered a seizure. His body, lying motionless and face down in the water, was spotted at 12:15pm by a witness who immediately called 999 emergency services (like 911).

Within five minutes, emergency crews began arriving. Then more. Then more. 36-minutes after the initial phone call, no fewer than 25 emergency workers were at the scene. They brought out a state of the art emergency medical tent, resuscitation equipment, several fire engines, ambulances, and specialty dive gear...

...Yet with all of this commotion, nobody bothered to fetch Mr. Burgess. For 36-minutes, he floated in the center of the pond, face down, while dozens of first responders scurried about with their ‘make work’ projects.

Why? Because they hadn’t been ‘trained and certified’ by their various government agencies to enter water that was more than ankle deep.

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Drew Martin,
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