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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Absurd Bill Sought to Ban “Discrimination” Against Raunchy Biker Attire

Legislators gone WILD
If you own a fine restaurant, should you be free to require diners to wear a jacket and dress slacks? If you own a night club, should you be able to admit only patrons with fashionable attire? How about if you own a convenience store? Should you be free to prohibit dirty clothing or clothing covered with racist or raunchy imagery? Had Colorado House Bill 1128 become law, owners of private restaurants and other businesses “offering wholesale or retail sales to the public” could have been subjected to criminal and civil penalties for discriminating against the “unconventional attire” of bikers, regardless of whether that attire was clean, appropriately concealing, and tasteful—or filthy, excessively revealing, and graphically disgusting. This may sound like a story from the Onion or an episode of the Twilight Zone. Alas, it is not. And the bill would have done far more than override businesses owners’ dress codes; it would have subjected owners to capricious legal actions.
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