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Friday, March 23, 2012

Activist Outrage Causes Major Supermarkets to Drop 'Pink Slime' Meat

When the 'pink slime in the hamburger" story broke, I marched off to my corner grocery store (H.E.B. in central TX) to consult with the butcher behind the meat counter. He said that their ground beef contains no additives or pink slime because it's ground on site from fresh chuck roast. He said never buy 'tube' meat and he also said that grocery stores that buy their meat from a processing plant are probably buying stuff that contains any number of additives or fillers. Still, the beef isn't grass fed or hormone and antibiotic free (which is available but it's $7-8 a pound).
We have been reporting on the staggering amount of "pink slime" used in the U.S. food industry over the last few months. Pink slime is a meat filler made from "ammoniated boneless lean beef trimmings or similar products, which are considered unfit for human consumption until ammonia has been added.” In early March, it was reported by ABC that a shocking 70% of ground beef at supermarkets contained this pink slime. Since this disgusting food additive has been exposed, natural health activists rallied to demand its removal from McDonald's and school lunches. Now major grocery chains are falling to the pressure of activism. First McDonald's was forced to stop ammonia-soaked pink slime in their beef after a campaign led by celebrity chef Jamie Oliver raised awareness of McDonald's use of the meat filler. Next, activists targeted pink slime in school lunch programs forcing the USDA to cave in and permit schools to opt out of using this tainted meat in public school lunches. Just yesterday, Safeway, SUPERVALU and Food Lion announced they will no longer carry what the beef glued together with "pink slime" fillers.
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