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Monday, March 12, 2012

Afghan Massacre Raises Doubts About Overall War Strategy

Questioning the murderous insanity of the Afghanistan invasion and occupation is music to my ears. First it was the Koran burnings by the US Military that inspired Afghan-wide violence and now it's this senseless and vile murder of at least 16 Afghans that has outraged the world. The US government is claiming it was the work of one 'soldier gone wild' but other reports are validating that multiple members of the US military were involved.
The massacre of at least 16 Afghan civilians by a rogue U.S. soldier is doing more than fueling anti-American rage throughout Afghanistan. It is also raising doubts about the broader U.S. strategy for winding down the unpopular war. The Army’s Criminal Investigation Command has begun what is likely to be a weeks-long probe into the shootings in Panjwai, a remote town in the volatile Kandahar province....This weekend’s bloody attack represents the highest civilian death toll at the hands of an American soldier or Marine since the infamous My Lai massacre in Vietnam. To be sure, My Lai involved dozens of American soldiers and hundreds of Vietnamese casualties--as well as a far-reaching U.S. attempt to cover it up--so it would be wrong to draw too strong of a comparison....Still, the growing Afghan fury--the Taliban has vowed revenge, and senior Afghan officials want the soldier turned over to them for trial--means that the new attack could do a similar level of damage to support for the war in both countries.
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