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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Afghans Vow Vengeance After Massacre of Civillians

The hostility in Afghanistan  may be far from ending. Just as some of the chickenhawks in the GOP begin to express doubt over the wisdom of maintaining American forces in the region, the threats of vengeance being made by Afghan locals will surely find their way into neocon headlines. Will common sense and morality finally win out?

Nazim Shah was traveling to Kandahar when the massacre happened, but returned to find his entire family killed. Crying into thephone, he told The Independent: “All my family is dead … We will get revenge on those who killed my family. We won’t let this rest easily.”
U.S. and Afghan officials have braced themselves for revenge attacks from insurgents and possibly another breakout of widespread protests after those that erupted in response to the burning of Muslim holy books last month.

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