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Monday, March 5, 2012

Announcing The Humble Libertarian's Affiliated Blogger Program: Please join my small army and help me change the world!

I need help.

As much talking as I do about building "a small army to take over the world and... leave everyone alone," I don't honestly act like much of a general, do I?

More like a lone wolf who tries to do everything myself and is too afraid to let go of any kind of control over what happens on this website, and the problem with that is that I'm just one person and I can't do everything myself.

I'm a classic self-employed perfectionist who doesn't want to let anyone help because deep inside I'm afraid they won't do as good a job as me (which isn't very humble), and as a result I'm holding this website back by bottle-necking its success within the confines of the energy levels and time management of one, single, eccentric, bipolar, ADD, 25-year-old, male aspiring writer and journalist. It's a bad model. It's a flawed strategy for success.

Great projects, great businesses, great organizations-- they aren't founder-driven. They're process-driven. If I really want to accomplish this mission, if I really want to build a small army to take over the world and leave everyone alone, I've got to let go, really build an army, and as much as it pains my neurotic mind-- let the army loose on this website to stir up all kinds of epic libertarian mischief and mayhem.

(...and actually, now that I put it that way, an even more neurotic, much darker and more twisted part of my mind can't stop grinning in exhilarated anticipation.)

Here I am nearly a month after promising a CPAC update the very next day, and it still hasn't been written. I have a problem. I need help. My problem is that I don't have enough hours in the day or energy in my fingers. The help I need is you. I'm just one man. One man can't accomplish what this website exists to do. An army can.

We gotta take up a notch.

As much talking as I do about taking action, I honestly can't say I've taken enough action, and enough of the truly game-changing, all-or-nothing, shoot-for-the-stars kind of action to make this website the true stronghold of revolutionary change that I know it can be and should be.

"We gotta take it up a notch," --to quote Tyler Durden from a deleted scene in Fight Club, when he says: "We gotta take Fight Club up a notch. We gotta take it up a notch or shut it down for good." We gotta take up a notch. We gotta take it up a notch or shut it down for good. We gotta take it up a notch, or what's the point in even doing this?

Here's my call to all libertarian and liberty-friendly bloggers out there: Join my army. I'm launching some new operations here at, the working title for which is "The Affiliated Blogger Program." This is a work in progress and not all my ideas about it are definite yet. As readers comment and I get feedback, as bloggers contact me about becoming an "Affiliated Blogger" with The Humble Libertarian and share their own ideas-- this might evolve a little. But here's my idea so far:

The New Affiliated Blogger Program at THL

Affiliated Bloggers will be other aspiring bloggers, writers, and new media journalists who want to improve their writing, advance their career, and promote their work. After being accepted into the program, affiliated bloggers will get a TON of benefits:

  • They can promote any of their articles here. I don't mean a cross-post either; I mean a short summary or excerpt with a link back to the original article on the affiliated blogger's own website or on whatever website they are writing for.
  • Their own blog's posts will also all be automatically shared on's Facebook page and tweeted out to my over 4000 Twitter followers.
  • They'll be listed here as affiliated bloggers with links back to their websites and social media accounts for more exposure, traffic, and credibility.
  • One-on-one access to me for free blog consulting and coaching. I want to help raise an army that will rise in their own aspirations and succeed in getting out the message of liberty along with my own website's success.
  • A weekly group conference call to get the creative, motivational, and inspirational juices flowing. We'll feed off each other and amp each other up as well as take a moment to deliberate, focus, and plan out our week, both for operations here at, and on each affiliated blogger's website, or as far as some personal goal goes (like finishing a book or getting a job in the liberty movement).
  • An exclusive weekly email for affiliated bloggers only that contains blogging and writing resources, tips, strategies, and motivational articles.

In exchange for all these benefits, I'll be assigning each affiliated blogger different operational roles here at The Humble Libertarian that are tailored to their specific interests after we have a conversation about what they like to do, what they want to learn, and what they do well. As I'm currently envisioning this, many of them will likely end up covering a certain "beat" they are interested in and passionate about (like electoral politics, an area of public policy, global markets and finance, guns, etc.) with a few very short blog posts here each week.

If you're interested in becoming an Affiliated Blogger with The Humble Libertarian, please contact me here and say hello. We'll start talking and figure out if you're a good match for the program and if the program is a good match for you. If you have any questions about the program, please leave them in the comment thread below so I can answer them here where others can read the answer if they have the same question. And remember, this is an idea and a work in progress. As the army grows, it's going to help design and organize itself. The above is a rough outline of what I'm thinking. There will be more. I'm sure there will be.

I can't tell you how excited I am at the prospect of working closely with fellow collaborators and warriors out to liberate the world, unplugging one mind at a time from the horrible statist matrix.

Time for Action

Ideas don't have consequences.
Actions do.

Wes Messamore,
Editor in Chief, THL
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