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Thursday, March 15, 2012


The Washington Post has always been nothing more than a cheerleader for all things 'government' as well as a premier cover-up artist for the crimes of government. WaPo and its army of 'journalists' are definitely not 'journalists' in the traditional sense but merely a highly influential propaganda arm of the government. Is WaPo now the official propaganda mouthpiece of the Chinese government as well?
An advertising partnership between the Washington Post and a Chinese government propaganda outlet is raising questions about the propriety—and legality—of an American news outlet publishing foreign propaganda under its masthead. At issue is the Post’s China Watch publication, a print and online advertising supplement that purports to deliver the news about China. The site hosts numerous articles and feature pieces that portray the Chinese government—particularly its human rights record—in a glowing light. Some journalism experts and China observers say the partnership crosses ethical boundaries and misleads unassuming readers about the Chinese government’s lackluster record on a host of important issues. Journalism experts believe that the Post should explain to readers the precise nature of its relationship with China.
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