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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Bellingham, Washington Ends Photo Ticketing Contract

Citizens who mobilize can fight city hall and win. Across the nation folks have been successful in ending the camera ticketing racket which is nothing more than a revenue generator (tax) for states, cities and counties addicted to spending other peoples money (OPM).
The city council in Bellingham, Washington voted 6-1 Monday night to respect the wishes of voters and pull out of a red light camera and speed camera contract. The city entered an agreement with American Traffic Solutions (ATS) in May 2011 to install the devices, ignoring local activists who had been collecting signatures for a ballot measure opposing camera use. After a long and drawn out legal battle, the camera ban was placed on the ballot as an advisory measure in November and earned 68 percent of the vote. The same election replaced then-Mayor Dan Pike, the man responsible for the camera contract, with Mayor Kelli Linville who said during the campaign that the cameras were a mistake.
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