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Monday, March 26, 2012

Brokered Convention, the Long Shot

What is the probability of a brokered Republican convention? It may be a long shot but liberty activists are waging a revolution that is growing, determined and committed. Yes, we are being marginalized, shut-out, ignored and trampled on as an inconsequential nuisance but we are not going away.
As you know from the 24 hours news cycle, Paul and his shockingly fringe common sense approach to government has scared people into calling a tyrant like Rick Santorum a more agreeable nomination choice in the many highly publicized primaries and caucuses this season. But there are a lot of us out here that don’t fall into this CNN version of the story, and once the beauty contests are over, we’ll still be engaged. We aren’t casual voting Rush Limbaugh listeners or Rachel Maddow followers. We have a deep rooted, firm foundation in our convictions through a truth seeking and historical perspective unmatched by detractors. We take the conversation one step further than the party line buzzwords that most parrot. We understand and actually kind of enjoy monetary policy. We are such nerds, that we spend even the 5 minutes of our seriously strapped free time going to meetings where we learn about becoming state delegates and county committee members. That absurd dedication may yet pay off. A brokered convention could unleash the beast of pent up Paul support throughout the nation. We are out there, in numbers greater than the 6 or 7% GOP primary totals and while that may not translate to as sexy of a news story as winning a straw poll; it could translate to something much sexier at the convention in August.
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