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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Candid Photo of President Obama Watching the GOP Primary

Yeah, this is probably how President Obama feels right now. With an economy like this, the Republicans should have no problem making Obama a one-term president like Carter, but leave it to the GOP to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory by preferring some of the absolute lamest, most unelectable, and least principled people it absolutely can for the job.

PS: I learned about the image above when the copyright holder, Andrew Howe, commented on my post using the same image with a different set of logos I had shopped into it, saying:

I will probably be banned from this site, but as one of the babies (the laughing one), and photo copyright holder, I prefer this version :)

If you follow that link to the flickr page with the photo, here's the description. Fascinating:

I finally found a good use for my baby picture! Andrew Howe

This picture was taken in 1959 - it is my cousin Cindy and me (Andrew Howe) after I had just pinched her on her birthday (I am laughing). My father took it with a Graflex press camera made in 1919 with a Carl Zeiss lens (I still have the camera). All of our childhood pictures taken by him were the same quality, and a picture of my sister from the same time, from the same camera taken by him was a full page in the May 11 1959 issue of Life Magazine. This picture is a familiy treasure - when people come to my house and see it on our credenza they assume it is a Hallmark card! Circa 1959. Cincinnati, Ohio (we grew up in Wyoming, a small town on the north side of Cincinnati).

Feel free to redistribute this photo for fun (non-commercial) purposes, provided that the copyright image is left in tact. Thanks.

Andy also says:

I have found the picture of us used in about every sports rivalry you can imagine so I asked one of the people that did a "Steelers-Browns" version to do the "Obama - Republicans" version (I am an Obama fan). And feel free to post the Obama- Republicans one if the spirit moves you - like him or not you are right it, is a good snapshot. Thanks for the reply. Andy

So now you know the story and the copyright holder behind the babies photo! Hope either one or both of these have given you a good chuckle.

Wes Messamore,
Editor in Chief, THL
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