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Friday, March 16, 2012

Chamber of Corporatism

The Chamber of Commerce claims to stand for economic liberty and free markets but in reality it's mostly endorsed corporatism, statism and the fascist marriage of big government and big business.
Recently, the US Chamber of Commerce claimed through its spokesman that it supports candidates who support "free enterprise policies that will fuel America's economic recovery." The US Chamber of Commerce has a rather idiosyncratic definition of free-enterprise policies. The chamber was a major supporter of SOPA, which gives governments the ability to seize private property without any due process whatsoever, and it supported the Troubled Asset Relief Program, which stole about a trillion dollars from the taxpayers so that the US government could buy up huge portions of the financial sector. It also supported No Child Left Behind, Obama's "stimulus" program, and the auto bailouts. And yet the chamber still claims with a straight face to support free-enterprise policies, and specifically, to support candidates who support free enterprise. But on this issue as well, the chamber's standard for what counts as free enterprise appears to be somewhat divorced from reality.
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