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Thursday, March 15, 2012

City To Ban Street-Corner Feedings of Homeless

Insanity on steroids: Philadelphia mayor bans feeding the homeless. Why? He claims that feeding the homeless lacks dignity. Is it any less dignifying to starve to death and/or suffer the ravages of malnutrition?
Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter has announced a ban on the feeding of large numbers of homeless and hungry people at sites on and near the Benjamin Franklin Parkway. Mayor Nutter is imposing the ban on all outdoor feedings of large numbers of people on city parkland, including Love Park and the Ben Franklin Parkway, where it is not uncommon for outreach groups to offer free food. Nutter says the feedings lack both sanitary conditions and dignity. “Providing to those who are hungry must not be about opening the car trunk, handing out a bunch of sandwiches, and then driving off into the dark and rainy night,” Nutter said.
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