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Monday, March 12, 2012

A Classic by Murray Rothbard on Just War Theory

Wes and I discussed the endless warmongering that has taken place in the U.S. particularly over the last century on Monday night's radio show. As I said, virtually every truly "just war" fought in defense was a group of individuals and communities against a coercive government. The U.S. hasn't declared a war since WWII, (nor have we truly won one since then either) so how many "just wars" has America fought? The one and only Murray Rothbard gives his thoughts.

There have been only two wars in American history that were, in my view, assuredly and unquestionably proper and just; not only that, the opposing side waged a war that was clearly and notably unjust. Why? Because we did not have to question whether a threat against our liberty and property was clear or present; in both of these wars, Americans were trying to rid themselves of an unwanted domination by another people. And in both cases, the other side ferociously tried to maintain their coercive rule over Americans. In each case, one side — "our side" if you will — was notably just, the other side — "their side" — unjust.

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