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Sunday, March 25, 2012

CNN Money caught changing their headlines and story on the failure of green jobs, protecting Obama again

MSM is the protector of government and the state. Of course, Republicans never complained when the media was defending Bush era Republican statism but Republicans sure love bashing the media when it protects Obama and Gang.  MSM serves the interest of the state, not liberty.
CNN which always tries to claim they are in the center and have no bias have been caught once again changing headlines of embarrassing stories on Obama’s failures to protect him. According to The Blaze, early Friday morning CNNMoney reported on the embarrassingly small percentage of jobs the “green” energy industry has contributed to the nation’s workforce. The story was titled ‘Green’ jobs just a small portion of workforce.” Then suddenly the headline and story changed, basically bragging how much of a success “green” jobs have been under the Obama regime.
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